DISH Network is Your Single Source

DISH Network is your single source for the finest in satellite television entertainment. You get state-of-the-art equipment, a large selection of programming at very reasonable rates, and a responsive, highly professional Customer Service Group, all from a single company with a long history of quality and reliability in satellite television.

The Finest Picture and Sound Available

With our superb digital signal, the picture is crisp and crystal clear. Sound is also digital with quality reproduction normally only found on CDs. In short, DISH Network gives you the finest picture and sound available today!

The Company Offering the Most Advanced Equipment at the Lowest Prices

DISH Network is fast becoming known as the company offering the most advanced equipment at the lowest prices in the industry. And our programming stands out as giving consumers more of their favorite choices for less money than cable or our competitors. Fact is, most consumers will save so much over cable for comparable programming, they'll pay for their system in a year or less. After that, they just plain save and save and save.

DISH Network System Descriptions

Model 3000 (Standard System)

Model 4000 (Premium System)

Model 5000 (Deluxe System)

DISH Network is your Simple Choice

While other DBS providers complicate satellite TV, DISH Network "brings it home in one package." We:

  • Operate a one-stop-shop for complete satellite TV entertainment
  • Manufacture our own, state-of-the-art system hardware
  • Own our own satellites with 2 more to be launched in the 7 months
  • Create all our programming packages with more choices at lower prices
  • Offer affordable, comprehensive customer financing
  • Have established a single 24-hour phone number (1-800-333-DISH) to answer customer needs
  • Have assembled a nationwide professional installation/service network
  • Do our own hardware repair and servicing
  • Deliver over 15 years of satellite TV experience and expertise

    DISH Network Loves Comparisons

    DISH Network loves comparisons because we know that DSS and Cable just can't measure up to all we have to offer - and nowhere is DISH Network's advantage more apparent than in proramming.

    Better Programming at a Fair Price

    DISH Network has known all along that customers buy a satellite TV system because they want better programming at a fair price.

    Cable Can't Begin to Match Our Lineup

    Cable can't begin to match our lineup of programming options. Fact is, Cable companies across the nation are shrinking the programming choices they offer to you by dropping channels like WGN, Lifetime, The History Channel just to name a few. That's assuming of course, they even carry these outstanding channels to start with. As far as price is concerned, they keep raising their already high rates every year while continuing to limit their basic programming packages.

    America's TOP 50 CD Programming

    America's TOP 50 CD programming package from DISH Network delivers over 50 of the most popular programming services in the country, including the Disney Channel. Additionally, our customers receive over 30 CD-qualty all-music channels.

    DISH Network Excels in the Technological Arena

    DISH Network excels in the technological arena, too. We have the only totally MPEG-2/DVB (worldwide standard of video excellence) compatible system on the market. And we've added a host of the latest, most requested features - many not available with any of the various DSS hardware suppliers.

    DISH Network - Nothing Else